Award Winning Director Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Feature Film ‘American Girl’

7:35 PM
Help Karma Cookie Productions finance the first full-length featured about a chance encounter that leads to a romantic relationship that turns into a twist of lies and deceit!

Los Angeles, CA -- This campaign has been created by some creative individuals behind the film Ten Benny, the official selection at the Sundance Film Festival, written by Tom Cudworth (Adrien Brody’s break out film) and Bare Bones International Film Festival award-winning music video Director and Actress, Amy Campione. In 2013, Campione took home the award for Best Music Video for the song, “Buda Negra” by Glitter Rose who also makes a cameo appearance and wrote and performed the title track for the film with the same name, “American Girl.”

“It's a story worth telling, and everyone who has worked on this film has had a hand in bringing the script to life.” – Danielle Hanson, film editor

The synopsis of “American Girl’ - While killing time at a computer store one afternoon, the protagonist, Marnie Patterson, played by Amy is spotted by Rick Mailer (the antagonist), a handsome Music A&R executive who is instantly attracted to her. As Rick begins to approach her, Marnie is dragged from the store by her best friend Jess, never knowing she was being watched. After she is gone, Rick realizes Marnie never had a chance to log out. Driven by his fascination with her, Rick begins to search through Marnie’s page.

With the information Rick has learned, he begins to thrust himself into her life in a way that Marnie can only believe happened by chance. His sudden presence in her life is at first, a welcomed distraction. After moving from Florida to support her boyfriend Neil’s now fledgling music career, Marnie has become a prisoner in a slowly deteriorating relationship. Neil’s rock star lifestyle has led to a string of money problems, arrests, DUI's and indiscretions in which Marnie is ready to escape. But the lies and secrets are only about to get more complicated.

As Marnie and Rick get closer, neither could ever imagine how far the ripples of their romance could reach or the damage it could do.

"American Girl is about self discovery, in a way that is honest and unapologetic. It turns the tables on the viewer and forces them to examine them selves. The characters are complex and flawed, but each searching for themselves." – Amy Campione

Karma Cookie Productions needs to raise $10,000 cover post production expenses, marketing and promotion, press and advertising, as well as festival costs. ‘American Girl’ will be entered into several major festivals and pitched at film markets throughout the country. A premiere would depend upon acceptance to festivals, but will be released in 2014.

"Working on American Girl was amazing. I feel such a closeness to the film, writing the title track and being such a big part of the production.” – Glitter Rose, singer/songwriter
This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: Monday, September 16, 2013 - October 16, 2013 (11:59pm PT).

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