Music Artist, Carlos Kano unleashes Monster Energy inspired new single Unleash the Beast

8:22 AM
Inspired by his favorite energy drink Monster Energy®, Electronica / Dance artist Carlos Kano releases his new single “Unleash the Beast” produced by JRODA on January 6, 2015 available for download worldwide.

“My favorite drink to this day is the Monster Energy drink. Monster has saved me so many times when I needed a spark to finish a shift at work, study for a test, or finish a project with a strict deadline. Monster Energy Drink has helped me therefore I had to return the favor,” – Carlos Kano


Originally from Roswell, NM, now residing in Modesto, CA, Carlos Kano started like most artists, listening to music when he was young, but his passion grew for Dance music at the age of 13, so much it fed his soul. Creating dance music became his newest passion for a couple simple reasons - seeing people dance and have fun to positive uplifting beats.

His boss recognized Kano as a person who wants to make people feel good. Making people feel good is how Kano became successful in the medical industry working as a Nurse, as a Comedian, and a Music Artist.

“Putting a smile on someone’s face makes my heart smile,” says Kano

Kano’s popularity grew when he coined the catch phrase “I’m Freaking Thirsty” during a stand up comedy show. This unintentional phrase grew throughout the local scene and has become Kano’s mark in both the Comedy and Music scene.

Today, Kano is looking to expand his career in music by making a mark with his latest tracks “Unleash the Beast” and “Spread the Love”. Both songs show the opposite spectrum of both personalities of Carlos Kano’s unique style.

Keys and Sound by Carlos Kano
Producer and Engineer JRODA
Vocals: Carlos Kano, Shiah Luna
Unleash the Beast (Release Jan 6, 2015)
Spread the Love
Hello Glory
Feel it When We Drop the Bass
Chocolate Full
Marry Me
Outer Space Love
Lets Get Wild
Mighty Mighty Party
I’m Freaking Thirsty
Cuba Libre