Pre-order Launches for Love Cyanidation Album today by Eleri with Exclusive tracks on February 3

8:04 AM
For Immediate Release – Los Angeles, Calif. – Pre-order launches today for Love Cyanidation, the full-length album by Singer Songwriter and Producer, Eleri, which releases world-wide on February 3 through Understory Music Publishing and Ecodysis Records. The album pre-sale comes with four exclusive downloads.
Photo of Eleri by Cris Jan Lim at EastWest Studios
Fans who pre-order the digital mp3 version, the album will be available on and iTunes for only $4.99 until February 3. Through this special pre-order, fans will also get four instant .mp3 song downloads with a digital booklet of the album art.
Track listing for Love Cyanidation:  

The Search
I Need the Chase
Play Me
Ghost of You
Help Me Find Me
Fatal Emergency
Here For You
Wake Up Dreaming
Eleri’s upcoming performances:
2/5 – Los Angles, CA – King King
2/20 – Long Beach, CA – DiPiazza’s
Eleri embraces contrast on her gorgeously lush full-length debut, Love Cyanidation. She remains entrenched in the classical training she received in her youth while also forging into the electronic expanse mined by mavericks such as Imogen Heap, Nine Inch Nails, Björk, and deadmau5. As a result, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer conjures up a seductive sound that is unequivocally her own.
Growing up in a small town just north of Chicago, Eleri immersed herself in music, taking guitar, voice, and piano lessons and frequenting Berklee College of Music summer programs. Once she moved to the City of Angels and transformed her apartment into The Canopy Studios, Love Cyanidation started to come to life with Eleri producing, engineering, and playing every instrument herself. That title encapsulates the story at its heart.
“In gold cyanidation, you have to use poison to extract this beautiful metal—gold,” she explains. “In life, our greatest pains are necessary to find our greatest pleasures, wisdom, and love. The album is about love and relationships. I replaced ‘gold’ with ‘love’ to represent that process of pain and pleasure in finding happiness.”
The new record is supported by two music videos, one Eleri unveiled “Play Me,” a track blending her breathy delivery with a Vaudevillian spark and synth bounce that exudes a sexually charged kinetic spark. Chris Corner of IAMX (Gary Numan, Imogen Heap) directed the sultry MUSIC VIDEO for the song. On December 2, Eleri released the second music video from Love Cyanidation called “I Need the Chase,” shot by award winning Director, Ilgar Ozturk.
“The title of this album, “Love Cyanidation”, is derived metaphorically from a gold mining process called gold cyanidation. In gold cyanidation, one cannot extract gold from the gold ore without using the poison cyanide. In life, we cannot experience pleasure without pain. My wish for you is that as you listen to this album, you may take in both the pain and the pleasure for what it is, and know that even when it is hard to see, you have the fullest potential of beauty and love within your heart.” – Eleri
“I had written so many songs about my first real relationship,” Eleri shares. “At some point you’ve got to let go and move on, which leaves you with a bittersweet feeling.”
Ultimately, Eleri’s search for love within the music will prove inspirational for anyone embarking on this journey with her. “I’d love for people to feel like they’re not alone when listening to my music,” she leaves off. “I want to shine light on that beauty and love we all have in ourselves.”
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