Student and Award Winning Artist Launches Crowdfunding Project for Antibullying Tour Project

7:29 PM
Multi-award winning Singer Songwriter and Anti-Bullying advocate, Torrey Mercer launches crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo to raise money for "The Pledge Tour," an educational program guided toward teens to promote tolerance, greatness, and kindness by August 11.

The Pledge Tour Assembly with Torrey Mercer
About The Pledge Tour

The Pledge Tour, founded by singer/songwriter and motivational speaker Torrey Mercer, is a character-building concert assembly program for schools that challenges K-12 students on a long term basis to "take the pledge" to be kinder, more tolerant, positive individuals, and to make a difference in their lives.

The program addresses topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, kindness, diversity/tolerance, and giving back. Our program includes all of the following:
  • Music performances from "The Pledge Tour" artists that are relevant to the subject material.
  • Address of particular subjects based on school demand (a customizable feature).
  • Personal stories told by "The Pledge Tour" artists, and guest speakers for inspiration for the students.
  • Interactive activities to make the subject material real for our students.
  • Asking students to take "The Pledge".
  • Follow-up lunchtime meetings with students.
  • A development of a year-long programming calendar blueprint for schools to address the themes of "The Pledge Tour" year round.
  • Parent nights at school to give them ways to look for the signs of bullying/cyberbullying, and encourage positive behavior.
What We Need & What You Get

As we officially make "The Pledge Tour" it's own company, it is going to need start up funds. Like any other company, a significant amount of work goes into launching it, and getting it off the ground, and it's with your help that we will have what we need to ultimately make the impact on thousands of students lives. Contributions can come in many sizes, big or small. We are grateful for your support regardless.

What (specifically) your contributions will do:

  • Allow The Pledge Tour to bridge larger connections with retired superintendents, curriculum writers, educational consultants, and other important team members to get our program off the ground in the most affective way possible. 
  • Give The Pledge Tour "start up" money for travel expenses, and to host assemblies for schools that may not otherwise be able budget for our program.
  • Allowing The Pledge Tour to attend educational conclave's to make connections with principals, assistant principals, and superintendents.
  • Creating a direct bridge for us to be able to affect as many student lives as possible. OUR 
GOAL: $5,000.


Your Impact

The Pledge Tour has already seen change in the eyes of thousands of students. We've watched students of all ages apologize for their previous behavior on a microphone in front of their entire school, and we've seen long term changes in schools because of the work we've done. Bullying can lead to higher drop out rates in school, and higher suicide rates. By contributing to our cause, you will be contributing to lowering these numbers, and to helping schools to realize that they can be their own forces of change, and have the power to change the climate of their school.