Sono Vero

Sono Vero
is a talented young band from Southern California and the 2014 Artists In Music Awards Best Reggae Artist winner.

Sono Vero brings a fresh fun sound that blends Island Reggae with a Hip-Hop/Rap flair. From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. The successful release of their self titled EP climbed to the top 10 itunes reggae albums
charts. Their hit single, "Never Say Goodbye" topped the charts on KGUP 106.5FM at No. 1 for 18 straight weeks.
"Our music is real. I am inspired by life. Whether the song is about falling in love, a one night stand, or getting drunk at the beach it's all coming from real life experiences," says lead singer Charlie Ueda. 
Sono Vero recently finished recording their new "Roses for the Reckless EP" with legendary producer Lewis Richards released Valentine’s Day 2014 and is currently No. 5 on iTunes Reggae charts.

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Glitter & Stilettos
Appetizer Radio

"a band that is redefining the music scene with a certain finesse and the world is taking notice. The band is called Sono Vero and they have unleashed a sound that is certain to not only top the charts but bring to life the energy and spirit needed to revitalize the current music scene." 
Glitter & Stilettos

"Sono Vero, however, completely floored me. They are solid, well produced, and know how to fuse the best parts of rock, ska, and reggae to follow through on the traditional but put their own unique spin on it.

"What drew me in instantly are the vocals and the lyrics. Their voices are pretty melodic and the reggae rhythm and beat is always so mellow and smooth."

“Sono Vero had high energy, and a great sound, with their music also being well-produced by 17th Street Records. Their music bordered on popular-style rock with hip-hop and reggae influence, and their songs were about modern music life, and love. The coordination of their songs is very good, and vocals by Charlie Ueda are quite noticeable; especially in duet with Rodriguez.”
"Sono Vero was able to perfect and explore the balance of reggae, hip hop and alt rock"

“Fans of the softer side of Reggae music are in for a treat as the Sono Vero boys have recently dropped a brand new lover’s anthem titled, “Never Say Goodbye”. The newest single has been released in preparation for their upcoming EP, Roses For The Reckless,”

“On Monday, June 3rd, the guys from Sono Vero released a brand new single titled, “Give You The World.” If you know anything about this band from South Bay Los Angeles, you know that they are no strangers to writing love ballads, backed up with that sweet reggae sound…"”

“Yes, they are young, but the Sono Vero guys have a great drive for success and the talent to take them virtually anywhere they would like to go in the future. First things first though, finish up school! In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up their new single “Burn With You”, featuring Gonzo on January 7th!”

"After Sinizen's set was over, fans trickled out of the main room and into The Constellation Room in order to see Sono Vero. The group may have been composed of the youngest performers of the night, but boy did they know how to work a crowd. The band's new and improved set had so much more energy and the packed room of fans showed their appreciation for it by dancing and singing along throughout the entire set."

“They’re following in good footsteps, coming out of South Bay. SoCal is known for producing such reggae and ska hits as Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, and of course, Sublime. Here’s one more to add to the list, down the road. Sono Vero will be a name reggae and ska punk fans will know soon enough."”

"With all of the makings of a popular summer jam, End of Forever is a sexy, melodic feel good track with a playful and flirty splash of hip hop" 

"Sono Vero makes that magic happen again with an alt-rock-reggae sound reminiscent of Sublime with a Cali-hip/hop flow." 
"‘End Of Forever’ takes the world music style even further by adding a latin flavour to the mix, creating a gorgeous blend of sounds that make for some relaxing grooves, emphasised all the more with its sassy rap section.,"
       Chris, Cross Radar

"Their music is real and shares real life stories such as "Leave with You" and "Back and Forth,"
        Indie Band Guru